How to make your Mac terminal look like a Linux terminal

How to make your Mac terminal look like a Linux terminal

I finally switched from Linux to Mac!

Well, not entirely - I still have my Linux laptop, and I use both of them at home. But when I go traveling again I'll only be taking the MacBook with me.

I'm really enjoying the MacBook so far, but I do miss a couple of Linux things - especially the terminal. It comes with nice colours and fonts out of the box, and it's easy to use. I spend a lot of time in the terminal so that's important to me.

That's not the case on Mac or Windows. The first time I opened a terminal on my new MacBook, it looked rather ugly and hard to read.

So I customised it to look like Linux:

It also detects git and displays the current branch and status.

I used the PowerLevel10k theme.

I set it to "lean" as I like to keep it to just text (coloured for readability).

Then I added a couple of touch-ups to make it look just like the Ubuntu terminal.

I changed the background to this colour: #11071A (not the exact same but it felt good on my eyes).

Finally, I changed the font to Ubuntu Mono and added 1.2 character spacing.

And done. Much better :) Now to do some actual coding!