This is one of my favourite trips, even though it's one of the shortest.

Preikestolen is a big rock perched on top of a 500-meter vertical wall, looking over a beautiful fjord. It's near Stavanger, a cute little city.

I bought flights to Stavanger spontaneously, since there was a long weekend coming up and I had nothing to do :) I hadn't been to Scandinavia yet and I thought it would be a nice idea to see the Fjords - and Preikestolen, which I knew about mainly because of Pinterest.

To get to Preikestolen, I took a ferry. The views were beautiful.

After the ferry, the journey continued with a 30 minute bus ride. The bus left me at the start of the trail to Preikestolen.

I spent some time by this lake before starting the hike.

The trail was moderate, not too easy but not super difficult either.

I passed by waterfalls, forests, swampy wet areas, little lakes with crystal waters, grassy fields. The views along the way were incredible.

Two hours in, the scenery began to change.

Vertical cliffs, low vegetation and awesome views over the fjord in the distance.

And finally, after another 30 or 40 minutes, I saw Preikestolen.

That's it :) I stayed until late afternoon, then walked back (quickly) and took the ferry back to Stavanger.

Stavanger was also nice to explore - a cute little city with white houses, spread over many beautiful islands. I could write bout that - or my hotel that was inside of a hospital - but I'll just leave you with this photo of a cute bird.