Summer on the Costa Brava

Summer on the Costa Brava

Summer is almost over. As always, I spent it in Barcelona. I worked from home during the week but spent every weekend at the Costa Brava :)

The Costa Brava is a paradise of little coves, tall cliffs, pretty beaches, castles and small towns. The water is completely clear and perfect for snorkeling, diving, or jumping and swimming. It's an amazing place to have so close to Barcelona!

Admittedly, it's a well-known vacation spot and the beaches can get overcrowded by both locals and tourists. However, if you're willing to do a bit of hiking, you can find many hidden coves that are (almost) free of tourists!

I don't have a car, and the buses are quite expensive (and also a hassle). So I came here with the train. It's very convenient, as it goes every 30 minutes, so I can go in the morning and come back the same day. It's also a beautiful trip along the coast :)

The train only goes to Blanes, but from there you can take a very easy bus that goes to Lloret de Mar and Tossa.


This is the very first town on the Costa Brava. It's relatively unknown to tourists and it's not a party town, which make it perfect for a relaxing weekend.

Blanes also has famous botanical gardens! I love places like this and spent several hours here. Of course I took a million photos.

Lloret de Mar

Unlike Blanes, Lloret is overcrowded with tourists - especially younger ones that came to party. The town is full of clubs and cheap restaurants.

However, if you go a little bit outside of the town, you can find some very nice and chill places, like the ones below. Pictured in the last photo, a cove that I had all to myself, since it required climbing over some cliffs.

And finally, some photos from a rare rainy weekend in Lloret - still nice even though I had to skip tanning that day :)