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In January 2020, I was in Bali and my next visa run was coming up. (When living in Bali, we need to leave the country every two months, call...
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Adventures in South Lombok

I finally visited Lombok - Bali's "sister" island, and had lots of fun and adventures exploring it. Long post ahead! BTW I made another v...
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Nusa Penida

After coming to Bali regularly for over 3 years, I finally ventured out to visit Nusa Penida - a small nearby "adventure" island with beauti...
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Secret beaches and volcano views in East Bali

Still one of my favourite memories from Bali. I made a little vlog out of this trip! Watch it below :) This trip to East Bali was one of m...
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Hanging out with deer in Nara, Japan

Nara is a mountain town where hundreds of friendly deer roam free! Along with Kurama-dera, Nara was my favourite place in Japan that I visit...
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Mountains & temples in Kurama-Dera

On my last day in Japan, I returned to Kyoto. As I wrote in a previous post, I wanted to see more of Kyoto - especially its less touristy si...
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Rainy walks in Kyoto

I visited Kyoto twice while I was in Osaka. The first time I went with two of my friends. The train ride was beautiful, through little town...
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2 weeks in Osaka - daily life and remote work

After Tokyo, I traveled to Osaka where I spent about 2 weeks. In Tokyo I took some time off, but in Osaka I had to work. As usual I work Eur...
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Tokyo, a new favourite city

I recently spent 3 weeks in Japan and I loved it! I'm a fan of Japanese culture and I knew I would like the place - but it exceeded my exp...
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A spontaneous little vacation in Athens

While looking for plane tickets from Europe to Bali last time, I found a super cheap flight with Scoot - under $300! The flight was from Ath...
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Summer on the Costa Brava

Summer is almost over. As always, I spent it in Barcelona. I worked from home during the week but spent every weekend at the Costa Brava :) ...
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A weekend in Andorra

Andorra is a microstate on the border between Spain and France (or, well, Catalunya and France). All of the country is in the Pyrenees, cons...
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